Lakers post-game thoughts

I forgot to mention the group of guys at the Blue Line Pico stop. They were funny – a big group of multi-cultural guys, arguing about who was the best basketball player, about the hardest positions in basketball, etc. Obviously, they were riled up since the Lakers had won. Ultimately, they started talking about Yao Ming, and they joked about Yao Ming until everyone went their separate ways at the 7th Street/Metro Station.

(As we all squeezed into the train after waiting about 25 minutes for a train) “Yao Ming wouldn’t fit in this train! Yao Ming, pull in your toes!”

(When we all lurched forward after the train slowed down, as if it would stop, then surged forward again) “Yao Ming is driving the train!”

(As everyone went their separate ways after getting off the Blue Line) “Yao Ming for president!”

It was pretty funny.

I was also recounting the game for my coworkers (whom I appreciate very much for letting me leave them short-handed on what ended up being a busy news night) when I realized – I probably would have had more fun if I had taken one of my girlfriends who’s not afraid to be as goofy as me. Trinity, as much as I love him, is too cool, and all the guys around us (I was surrounded by guys in our section) were too cool, so I was forced to stifle my excitement. Because if I’d had Rita or Sam there with me, we would have been so excited, we would have been in danger of pitching over the side of the protective glass.

And actually, I did ask Trinity why he wasn’t as excited as I was. He said a Laker game wasn’t something for him to get excited about. He said he would get excited when we bought a house. Or when we had our first baby. Or if he won the lottery. A Laker game? not so much.

I guess I am just much more easily amused.

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  1. Trinity is too cool. So, what, he won’t get excited when you have your second or third baby? :O j/k


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