Friends crackin’ me up

My former coworker Matt has had a site since he moved here from London and its a crackup. I think its a combination of his British sense of humor and cynicism and my own penchant for being easily amused. Now, as you know, between boys, especially in a newsroom, there is a lot of trash talking, and apparently my former city editor Ryan has been poking fun at Matt’s new Mini. Now, Matt had been waiting a long time for his Mini, so I’m sure this ‘fun’ really rankled him. So Matt apparently decided not to take the ‘fun’ lying down and armed himself – with masking tape, a pen and a camera. The result?

Ohmigod, as soon as I saw this picture, I nearly spit out whatever I’d been eating at that point. I immediately called my old newsroom and caught Ryan on the phone. I could hear him holding a smile as he grumbled and called Matt and Fred (who helped) vandals.

Speaking of Mini’s, did you guys know there was such a thing as the Mini Owners of America, Los Angeles? Very interesting.