Favorite news story of the week

Anyone who has worked in news or kept up with a newspaper on a regular basis knows – if people used even a quarter of the energy doing good things as they did doing criminal acts, this world would be a much nicer place. No, instead, most spend their time, effort and thinking power to do bad things, usually unsuccessfully.

Take 27-year-old Carlos Valdivia. He was already on parole for something or other (the wire story I picked this up from didn’t have that info), had violated it, and when he was in a car that got pulled over, you’d think, ah well, just my dumb luck, right? No. Instead, he decided to get out, run and jack a car from in front of someone’s house. Then, when a cop thought he could box Mr. Valdivia in, Mr. Valdivia rammed the squad car and fled in the stolen car. Oh, but that’s not it. Mr. Valdivia ended up crashing into a light pole, and had to abandon the car anyway. He was ultimately found, by a helicopter, hiding in a yard. And he was arrested “without incident.” I love that phrase. All that effort to arrest one parole violator, then he was arrested “without incident?” Nice.

Here’s the story I produced last night. I almost chucked this wire story, too, because the first graf inexplicably described him just as a parole violator who got arrested when a cop pulled over the car he was in. It wasn’t until I read further into it that I discovered this story was possibly a candidate for a Darwin Award or America’s Dumbest Criminals.

One thought on “Favorite news story of the week

  1. Either him or that Meth Soccer Mom that stole the LASD Excursion today….I liked how the deputy told her she “might just get a joyriding ticket” and she flamed him!


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