And, in parking news…

Sean over at probably doesn’t venture anywhere near Bellflower regularly, but he’ll be happy to hear that that city’s council hates the whole compact car parking issue, too. (The link is a video story, btw.) They, too, have noticed the large cars jutting out, or taking up two, of those spaces, so they are discussing banning the whole “compact car” concept, and just making all parking spaces equally tight big.

And in other parking news, Mayor Villaraigosa will give YOU free parking if you’ll vote. But it’s not for him – its for the Unified School District Special Election.

Money will not be required for parking meters within a block of polling places and time limits on parking meter will not be enforced. Street cleaning parking restrictions will not be enforced on election day and neither will permit parking areas.

This is the first time free parking has been used to encourage voters and it could be used again if it is successful, according to the mayor’s office.

It’s kind of a interesting concept, if you think about it, and clever (and likely strategic) he didn’t offer it during his own (re)election. But you gotta wonder – how many people are really going to hear about this? And, conversely, how many people will stumble upon it and take advantage, not knowing its for voters? And – bear with me here – who even knew that the school district’s special election was Tuesday? Man….

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  1. I thought tagging was against the law! It’s hard to put four things in my brain at the same time these days so it was quite the exercise girl.

    I know something will come along that I can get you back with, so until then, watch out.

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