A new web loft mascot

Meet Goldie, or you could call him (her?) PO, aka Pissed Off. Apparently, the morning shifters of the CBS website have adopted this feral critter and take food to it every day. And as the only other cat-owner on the team, I have been recruited to feed Goldie on Fridays and Saturdays. I’m not sure I have room in my life for another crazy cat, but here s/he is.

In other cat news, I wanted to send a shout-out to Matt‘s crazy cat Emric. Matt now has three cats but Emric still seems to be his favorite, in spite of episodes like this:

AND I’d like to thank Emric for knocking my toothbrush into the bathroom sink and then taking a piss on it.

I had to laugh and read it aloud to Trinity. Trinity could only sit there, shake his head and laugh. See, Trin constantly calls Kip a rat and the two have lately been at each other – Kip, playing, but Trinity getting mad. I told Trin that Kip really isn’t that bad if there’s an Emric in the world.