To the rescue

In response to Carolyn Kellog’s scathing review of our most recent livecast (on the green carpet at the Grammys), LAFD’s Brian Humphrey spoke up in our defense in the comments:

While the coverage mentioned may be worthy of spirited commentary, I do think that referring to those responsible as the “web team” may be casting too wide a net.

In general parlance, “web team” has come to represent the technical staff (what were once called webmasters) who mind the format and style of a particular web page, yet are rarely responsible for content.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with KCBS-KCAL’s contract “webmasters”, and have found them to be great people who are at any and all times creative, technically savvy, and loyal to their employer.

…as such, I’d ask if there is not a better phrase than “web team” to describe those at the center of this discussion?

Respectfully, Wearing My Other Hat…

Brian Humphrey

*sigh* God bless you Brian Humphrey.

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