The countdown begins


This morning, I bought tickets for Trinity and I for two weeks in Honolulu in June. Woohoo!

For those of you who might not know, Trinity and I did not have a honeymoon right after we got married for several reasons. First, we didn’t have the money and second, we didn’t have the time, however, more importantly, we didn’t have the money. Heheh. Journalism, as we all know, is not known for its high salaries, especially in the beginning, but now we’ve been able to save up since getting married almost two years ago (a story I must republish here someday) and are planning to be at the AAJA Convention, which happens to be in Oahu this year, AND spend an extra week for ourselves. Yayyyyy!

It’ll be nice, since the two of us haven’t really done much traveling, period. I’ve done more than Trinity, but mostly for work or internships, and Trinity has been to San Francisco, but hardly remembers it since he was very young, and Orlando, Fla. So this is going to be dope….

However, seeing as how this is our first major vacation, I’ve been kind of crazy with trying to plan it and have solicited help from everyone I can think of who has gone there frequently – my coworker Diane, my buddy Moonie. It was Moonie who recommended, where I found the cheapest tickets – and trust me, I obsessed looked. So if anyone happens to find this post while researching their convention travel, take it from me – get yo stuff from here.