Public service announcement for rainy day drivers

OK, people. I understand that early this year it felt as if summer came early, but now it’s raining. You know, that’s stuff coming from the sky? No, the set is not leaking – it’s rain.

Now, when it rains, the freeways get slippery, so that usually means those things that go on the freeways – cars – should go slower. And that’s dependent upon on you.

This is especially important on the Pasadena Freeway, guys. I drove home Friday (one of the days I work 4 to midnight) at a crawl because four cars collided right at the Avenue 52 onramp to the freeway – the onramp literally just a couple of yards from my exit. I might have gotten alarmed, too, since one of the cars was the same make and model as Trinity’s, but I knew he was already at home. It never fails – when it rains, there’s always a crazy accident on the Pasadena Freeway.

I love driving the exhilarating curves of the Pasadena Freeway as much as anyone else. But when you take L.A.’s curviest and narrowest freeway and add water, it eventually equals an accident, probably an overturned car somewhere in the equation. So, red BMW 850i that sped by me at at least 70 mph in the left lane tonight, that might very well be you sometime soon.

But, if you like to see your car do flips, go for it. I’ll wave as I drive by.

One thought on “Public service announcement for rainy day drivers

  1. Okay, so the rain has stopped, just like your blog. If you think we out here in cyberspace want to keep looking at the same shite everyday, you’re wrong. Let’s get busy girl.

    PS: Mark is loving his new job. I knew he would because I almost went there but then thought better. The office is wonderful, the people are cool and it’s a win win situation. Hope all’s well with you and Trinity and that damn cat of yours.tuvavdxi

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