Demand much? Dang….

Garsh….I leave the blog alone for a few days and Jacqui comments that I need to update. Shoot….if there’s anyone who is a blogging queen, that would be me, but even I have said in the past that I’m not much of an everyday poster.

Actually, what I’ve been doing is rereading the entire Left Behind series. I read these a long time ago, but with the recent releases of two prequels (yep….even Christian fiction books have prequels now) and a third coming, I got interested in reading the whole series again. Basically, the books act as if everything prophesied in the New Testament has happened and lays out how life is for those left behind. They’re pretty exciting reading, actually.

Anyway, I also wanted to point out some of the recent articles that have come out about Tyler Perry lately. He’s the dude behind all the Medea plays and movies – hugely popular among blacks and Christians, but not as well known outside those circles. The Times points out how wrong Hollywood was to assume that black church-goers don’t go to movies, while Beliefnet does a Q&A with him about his central themes of family and forgiveness. Good reading.

And while I’ve been too lazy to resize and post more pictures of Kip (with him and his head stuck in an empty tissue box, and again, I swear it wasn’t me!), I have found more adorable cat pictures via, pointing me to this Flickr slide show of flying cats, by Junku. The pictures are funny and make me wonder many things. Like….how many cats does Junku have? What kind of camera does s/he have? Where does s/he live that s/he has so much space for his/her cats to fly about like that?

The pics remind me a lot of Kip, who likes to play hide and pounce. He also likes to box, often jumping high to try and grab my hands if I start taunting him like a boxer. From time to time, if Trinity and I are reading, he’ll also just jump up suddenly to put both his paws on the sides of our faces. And, if Kip’s riled up and I startle him, even if he’s on all fours, he’ll jump straight up into the air like I suddenly removed the floor from under him.

He’s a crack up.

Update: The whole phenomenon of gospel and spirituality has hit mainstream radio, too, apparently. KJLH has always been the spot to hear songs from gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary (two of my favorites), especially on Sundays when its all gospel all the time, but earlier today we heard Kirk Franklin’s hit “Looking For You” on 100.3 The Beat. The Beat is the same station that incorporated a gospel show into its Sunday morning lineup, up until 11 a.m., I believe. And then, there’s KROQ, where Matisyahu and his hit “King Without A Crown” were at the top of the station’s most requested list for the longest time and is still there, at No. 10, though. Go figure….spirituality is so, like, super now!