Another blogger-reporter fired

But this time, I think, it was deserved.

The blogger in question is former Dover Post reporter Matt Donegan. Now, remember, I am totally in favor of blogging – I believe that employers should not be dictating your time off the clock and that if you want to go, I don’t know, be a rodeo clown on your own time, go right ahead.

Via Romenesko, all I saw were the keywords “reporter,” “fired” and “blog” and I was instantly riled. But then I began reading the blog. First off, I generally avoid blogs that sprinkle profanities like its glitter – I mean, it’s hard to read and we can write civilly, can’t we? Plus, commentary that lacks profanity is that much more snarky and clever, as can be seen along the lines of Gawker and BoingBoing. Then I saw the blog post the editor says he got fired for. Let’s just say that all you have to read is the beginning:

MLK ruined my day

I did not get any semblance of a wink of sleep last night due to Martin Luther King.
Some shit head in my neighborhood, no doubt a black person, threw a party for his black friends that started somewhere around 11 p.m. and ended a little after 5 a.m.
I didn’t learn until 6 this morning when I got up for work why all these black people could afford to stay up so late on a Sunday night.
Today, any black person will tell you, is MLK Day.
Thanks for that one, Doctor.
Now, because of you, I feel like I’ve been backed over by a black pickup truck today.
Further, because of your life, it would be considered a racial crime for me (aka “The Man”) to shoot up a house full of black people who don’t know how to keep their car stereos, or voices, at a normal tone in a residential area in the middle of a black night. Every single black person who drove to and from that party had some black beat cranked to obscene levels. Seriously, is there any need for that? It’s that kind of dick move by black people that turns all other people into racists. I bet James Earl Ray was woken up by black people yelling pointlessly in the streets the night before he killed your civil rights leader.
I need to get the fuck out of this fuckin’ neighborhood.

Yikes. Here’s his response during an interview with NBC:

“That’s preposterous,” Donegan said when asked if he was a racist. “If you can’t separate that work environment from what I do on my own blog, then you’re a moron. Everything written there was meant as a joke, and somebody doesn’t take it as a joke, then I’m sorry, but that’s your problem, not my problem. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

Unfortunately, writing so disparagingly about a neighborhood he might have had to go cover is generally not a good idea. I mean, what if he wanted to interview someone from that very neighborhood who happened to see that blog post? That person would snort in his face, and shut the door/slam down the phone without even a second thought.

On that token, when I was told to shut down my blog, I hardly wrote about my stories, never wrote disparagingly about anybody (as much as I wanted to) and presented myself respectably, as if one day I might have to explain something in it to my mom or my pastor. And even when I was told to shut it down, I made hardly a mention of it because I didn’t want to become notorious and be precluded from any potential job opportunities. Now, I blog to my heart’s content, even sending pointers to stuff at work I’m proud of.

Start a blog, write to your heart’s content about whatever blessed thing you want. But remember that you’re always accountable to someone (take your pick – your spouse, your family, your employer, your church, God) and that blogs are keyword-searchable. Happy blogging!

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  1. The world is full of morons. I don’t know why, but it still surprises me when racist rhetoric is defended by people who should know better. I just assume that journalists read and by that token are better educated than the general population. I’m disappointed.

    Thanks for posting.

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