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I have a tendency to skip over all the news digests emailed to me every day and let them sit in my inbox, oh, for most of the day. Hey, I’ve got things to do.

But I saw this in my E-Media Tidbits emailer (which is the portable version of the Poynter column) that interested me:

Posted by Rich Gordon 2:55:01 PM
What’s In a Name?

As new technology spawns new inventions, people who write for a living have to decide what words or terms constitute “correct” style. We’ve debated whether e-mail needs a hyphen and whether Internet should be capitalized. Now we ought to decide what to do about blogs.

What got me thinking about this was a story
) in the Chicago Tribune last week, referring to a county coroner’s site as a “Web blog.” That was a new one on me; I’ve seen “Weblog” (the original term), “weblog,” and “blog,” but never “Web blog.”

The Bible for print journalists is the Associated Press Stylebook (available online (http://www.apstylebook.com) for a subscription fee). The AP has settled earlier debates, at least for newspaper and wire-service journalists, by choosing “e-mail” over “email” and “Internet” over “internet.” But it has yet to rule on the right approach for the B-word.

My opinion: Use “weblog” on first reference, and “blog” on second. I still like the term “weblog” even though it’s old-fashioned in Netspeak. But if you look at mainstream media references, you’ll find that “blog” has eclipsed the original term. A Lexis-Nexis Academic
search of “major papers” in the past week found 412 articles referencing “blog” and just 45 containing the word “weblog.”

Trinity and I have a tendency to snicker over newspaper and media references to “weblog” which seems so archaic to us. However, when I was in college and no one else knew what the hell I was doing writing about myself for the entire world to see, I referred to my online presence as my “online journal” and called the daily posts “entries.”

Now, since everyone knows what a blog is, I just say blog. Try it. You’ll like it.

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  1. I still regret that the term “blog” seems to trivialize in the minds of most non-tech folks what many of us work hard to maintain.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the kind words the other day about my photographs.

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