A whale of a good time

Let me explain something. I am a big kid. I maybe going on 28 (on May 28! Hehehe), but I love kid places – the zoo, the aquarium, even the park. I even had a list of things I wanted to do coming into the new year – first the Getty, then whale watching, then horseback riding.

So we went whale watching yesterday – a Valentine’s Day outing, if you will. We went out to Redondo Beach Sportfishing, got a little lost, but even though we were late, we got on the boat, and with our hair flying in the wind (well, not Trinity’s) set out to find us some whales to watch.

The Redondo Beach pier.

We saw these guys early on, but I took this was one of the last pictures I took. I love sea lions, and some of these guys were talkative. It was dope.

I spent a lot of time talking pictures since we didn’t see any whales (or dolphins) early on. There was a class of kids on the boat, and Trinity spent a good majority of the trip out trying to steady himself and, as he put it, get his sea legs.

I was OK though – already got my sea legs, I guess!

See, we took a bunch of silly pictures. This is my favorite one. Oh, and the day was so beautiful. It was even warm as we made our way out past the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I only had on a tank top, a jacket and a scarf to keep out the wind.

Here’s the peninsula, and in that shadow beyond is Catalina.

The view of our wake and the shore behind us. We were getting a little worried, seeing as how we’d been out for about an hour and a half and hadn’t seen even one blow….

Luckily, we had an eagle-eyed captain who saw a couple of blows in the distance, and turned us around,e ven though we were heading back to shore…

According to our whale watching guide Bobbie, we had probably seen two whales, both babies, and she speculated that there was a momma whale nearby. It was very very cool and exciting to see these blows off in the distance….

I mean, look how excited everyone was, crowding on the edge of the boat to see the two whales, who seemed to be playing around….

The whale watching trip was incredible fun and part of it was that the day was so beautiful…..So I guess my advice is, if you think it’s too hot for February, go whale watching. Trust me, you’ll like it. Um, unless you get motion sickness.