Seen around the virtual block

I clicked onto Michelle Malkin’s site and saw a link to this picture. My God. Soldiers, you’re truly in my prayers.

Also, my buddy Moonie forwarded this article to me yesterday. He said he’d got a ton of IM’s about it – “dude, check out this lola!” Libbey Holden, a Filipino Northern California grandmother, called the cops on her own son when he and his new wife went to Vegas to celebrate the New Year and left their two boys, including one who is autistic, at home alone. However, they did remember to get a sitter for their puppies.

The video interview with her, linked in a green box labeled “Watch,” is the highlight – she literally did a verbal smackdown on her son.

As I watched the video, the hair began to rise up on the back of my neck – Holden sounds eerily like my mom. Even Moonie said so – and he would know, since my mom was his florist for his wedding. The accent and emotional emphasis was dead on. Maybe they’re from the same province? You never know.