Panel-speaking husband

I think I forgot to mention this earlier, but Trinity was asked to be a speaker at this year’s LA-area National Writer’s Workshop, sponsored by the Orange County Register and my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton. I believe the panel he’ll be speaking on is how recent college grads can best package their work to get the most attention.

I have to admit – I was a little put out when Clanin (a copy editing professor I had who was the adviser for the Daily Titan during Trinity’s stint as managing editor) didn’t ask me to be a speaker on that panel – I mean, dude, I scored interviews from pretty much every newspaper in the Los Angeles/San Bernardino/Riverside/Ventura county area (not that I got job offers from all those places) except the LA Times, the Daily Breeze and the Daily News. On the other hand, public speaking gives me chills and makes me stutter, so I’m glad its not me after all. I wonder how Trinity is at public speaking. When I found out he was going to do it, I teased him, “you’re going to have to speak up!” (He’s pretty soft-spoken.)

Anyway, so for sure I’ll be there this year on April 29, possibly with a sign (heheh) and with my college buddies whom I’m sure will be there, to cheer on my husband. I’m hoping they have some tech-related workshops I can partake in also…

And less important, but coming up sooner, I’ll be at the Online Journalism Review‘s conference at USC on March 3. I don’t think I’ll be covering the conference, and to be honest, I saw the phrases “free,” “one-day conference,” and “online media” and was sold. However, I’m listed among the initial registrants, along with much bigger names like Adrienne Crew (Laist), Brian Humphrey (LAFD blog), Mack Reed (LAVoice) and Kevin Roderick (LA Observed). My boss thinks they saw “CBS” and decided to include me, never mind the fact I’ve been blogging since the late 90s. I just like to learn, OK people? Dang.

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  1. Darleene, you were blogging before they had the word “blog.” So you are a pioneer in the field, at least in my opinion.

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