Out with the friends

I dragged my husband, his best friend Miles and my girl Lilly to the Getty to catch the last day of the Pictures for the Press exhibit. It was extremely crowded, but very interesting to see the photos as they were printed and to read the history behind shots of D-Day, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy’s assasination and the bombing of Nagasaki, among others.

And of course, we had to take some pictures….

Miles, posing as a tough guy, against the backdrop of West L.A., Santa Monica and the ocean.

Um, I think you know who this is.

The latest photo of Trinity and I, in which I surprisingly came out OK.

Lilly, doing the Michael Jackson slide, in front of the corner fountain.

We stumbled onto this corridor by chance – Miles and Lilly walked out there, and were nearly blown away. Turns out this corridor, which opens out facing east, is like a wind tunnel at sunset. We had a great time messing around in it. Here’s Trinity, doing the Michael Jackson yell pose.

Lilly showing how windblown her hair became just standing against the wind. You may think she’s just doing the model stance, but honestly – you had to really plant your feet to stand up against the wind. The wind blew me back, my sneakers sliding on the marble, and nearly knocked me over. Trinity had to come save me. LOL.

Here’s Trinity and Lilly pretending to rescue Miles as he’s blown away. Miles likes doing stuff like this. If you think Miles looks familiar, he’s one of the three stars of the controversial show N*W*C, which played several times at UCLA and in downtown LA in a theater whose name I cannot remember right now.

Yes, and a good time was had by all.

We left the Getty right around closing time, and ended up going to Casa Escobar to get something to eat. Lilly was not really feeling the food, and Miles was shocked that they didn’t serve horchata, but what can you do? We were already sitting down. But the last laugh at that point came not in the restaurant, but in the parking lot – a sweet old lady approached Trinity as we waited for the valet to get our car and asked him, “Were you on the Cosby Show?”

OHMIGOD. We all nearly fell down laughing. Trinity, as sincerely as he could, said, “no, I wasn’t.” Trinity says she said, “darn, I thought I was going to meet someone who was on TV.” Oh my, it was funny. And this is just after making fun of Trinity and how in high school, he used to look like Usher, then like Lindsey Hunter while he was a Laker. Priceless.