Hard at work, who should I see…

…but my buddy Mark Madler during a broadcast story about Burbank day laborers. That’s him, behind the guy in blue, with his entire hand covering his mouth.

I don’t know about anybody else, but it seems like Burbank and Glendale have had long histories of trying to curb the susbsequent problems of day laborers (including urinating in neighborhoods, being drunk in public and drug use, according to the cops I’ve interviewed about this issue in the past). I did one story about this issue, that is available on the GNP site .

In fact, that story probably was my most widely-read story (besides the ones about the Glendale Police sexual harassment trial) – I got more emails about that story than any other. Here’s one:

Ms. Barrientos — I enjoyed your story on Home Depot and illegal aliens. I stand behind the protestors 100% and am have been personally boycotting Home Depot ever since I learned they employ illegals. The costs that illegals impose on our nation in terms of emergency room and health care, crime, disease, high birth rates, and so, are destroying our country and must be stopped.

I would also add that Ms. Navarette’s comments about her La Raza group are lies. Everything I have read about her La Raza group indicates that they are clearly a Hispanic/Latino supremacist group. Ms. Navarette’s comment about “integration” is a lie. Their group is about promoting the interests of
Hispancs/Latinos to the exclusion of other people.

Thanks again for posting the story.

[Name taken out to protect the emailer]
Alexandria, Virginia

What does v/r stand for? Here’s another one:

I read your article “Protesters rip retailer.”

I thought it was very well balanced! Thank you for allowing our protesters to be quoted accurately in your article.

You balanced our statements with folks from La Raza and Home Depot, which demonstrates you actually REPORTED on the event.

Again, thanks for covering this story accurately!

Robin Hvidston (who I quoted in the story)
Upland, CA

Later I wondered how people in Virginia had seen the story. Turned out the Immigration Blog, hosted by Michelle Malkin, picked it up. Go figure. By the way, my posting those emails does not mean I condone or endorse their views whatsoever. Thanks.