Wedding planning whoa

I am freaking out about this wedding and it’s not even mine.

As I mentioned previously, my girlfriend Cathy is getting married next year in June. But did I mention she asked me to be a bridesmaid? Yikes.

I agreed of course – Cathy and I have been friends for so long. I was thinking about it earlier, and it turns out I’ve known Cathy for more than a decade – we met in my sophomore year, her freshman year, and since 2006 is my 10-year reunion year…..whoa. Like, WHOA. I’m dating myself.

Anyway, her and her fiance have set up a Google group for the wedding party and, of course, the first item of discussion is – bridesmaids dresses, like the one to the left. Ugh. Did I mention that most of the bridesmaids went to high school with me, and that they’re all tiny-waisted, cute Chinese girls? For all that is good and holy, do you realize I will be the “fat girl” of this wedding party?!!!!!!! Now, I don’t really believe I’m fat (at least by most perceived standards), but next to these girls, I am.

*Cringe* Now you see why I do not like to discuss dresses. Anyway, I’ve already decided I have about six months to lose 30+ pounds (which I was already going to try to do, because I want to go to Hawaii at the end of June, but now the pressure is really on). Honestly, I’m really not the type of woman to obssess over her looks/weight, which is probably why I gained as much weight as I have in the first place. But for the last couple of years, I’ve managed to ignore the exterior and focus blissfully on the belief that my personality is the dealbreaker in my relationships. After all, I am married and Trinity constantly tells me he loves me the way I am. But then again, is he just giving me the standard husband spiel? I don’t know if I want to know.

It turns out that my girl Janet (in the front of this picture, in yellow) also got engaged, on Sunday, to her longtime boyfriend Albert, which I read via Linda’s (whose head is cut off) Xanga. This picture, by the way, is of us when we decided to go to Vegas for spring break in 2000 – an odd choice, seeing as how Janet and I were the only 21+ in the group. So the tally is now: – me – married, Cathy – engaged and Janet – engaged. I wonder who’s next?

It’s weird to think of these sort of things, because these are all signs of being an adult. But really, I still don’t feel like an adult. I mean, I’m still doing so many of things I did when I was 19 – writing for my online journal, reading Ann Rice books, adoring a cat.

Going off on a tangent, I did clutch raffle tickets, eagerly hoping that one of the numbers in my hand matched a prize with any combination of the following words: Lakers, Tickets, Gift, Certificate, Macy’s, Best, Buy, $100, $300, $500. But I didn’t get anything. Ack – the pitfalls of being an adult.