Watch out blogosphere: Here Comes Kleinbaum!

My buddy Josh, who served almost two years of time at the Glendale News-Press with me circa 2003-05, has finally joined the ranks of bloggers with his introduction of I discovered this gem on my own when I saw someone had gotten to my site via the new domain name. If the name sounds familiar, it is – he’s one the Daily News‘ reporters covering the LAPD and is the name behind such recent stories as “Tookie’s Time Running Out,” a story in which, I’m happy to say, Josh went to one of the jurors who issued the death sentence to find out what he had to say now. (It was something I was railing about in my newsroom recently because I was tired of all the Tookie talk.)

Josh is not one of those people (like me) who talks constantly about journalism, so I expect his blog to be full of the funny, gut-busting, pushing-the-envelope banter that I have missed since he went to the Daily News. Some examples I once wrote about:

I think my office should put up a quote board in honor of one of my co-workers. He says the funniest things.

Regarding working on Christmas (which he doesn’t mind since he is Jewish and especially doesn’t mind since he’ll get double pay):

“I’m a Jew. That’s what I do.”

Regarding a story of his about the city’s tree that was supposed to be decorated today, but instead, fell and broke. He was trying to think of a lead, incorporating a traditional Christmas song with a Christmas tree in it, that our editor wouldn’t throw out.

“Oh Christmas Tree,” became “Oh Christ! The Tree!”

heheheheheh. And this is amid all the mom jokes. I swear, it’s like working at my school paper sometimes.

Welcome to blogging Josh!