Tribune, L.A. Times to staffers: Bah Humbug!**

I just heard from a friend of mind that first, there will be a total of 200 laid off from the L.A. Times.

Second, this friend also told me that four people will be laid off from the skeleton staff at my old paper, the L.A. Times-owned Glendale News-Press – including long-time special sections guru Tom Joyce and the news veteran of the office, photo supervisor Scott Roby. I’m especially aggrieved to hear about Scott, since he’s a great photographer, an unmoving (yet understanding) supervisor and pretty funny, once you get past that stone-cold exterior.

Update: I just spoke to Scott and it turns out today is his birthday. Ouch. He says he will get the equivalent of about 4 months of pay in the severance package – if he decides to sign that infamous document which stipulates he will agree to never work for the L.A. Times again. He says he’ll probably take it, because he needs the money. He plans to do nothing for the next month. However, if you need a photo retouched, want to send him a birthday shout-out or just say hi, email him at scott -dot- roby at gmail -dot- com.

Also, Scott said that one of two positions that should have been filled to replace me (biz/politics and education) and an open photog position at the News-Press’ sister paper in Orange County, the Daily Pilot, will likely stay unfilled because of the cuts. Way to win the readers, guys!

Update, 12:13 a.m.: I’m going to delete one of the snarkier parts of this post – I’m pretty early on in my career, so I can’t really afford to publicly burn my bridges. Also, I remembered something else from my conversation with Scott – couple of weeks ago, he says the managing editor asked him what kind of digital camera would be good for the reporters to handle. So, that’s how they plan to make up for the short-handed photography staff… Also, my buddy Josh (a former News-Press staffer now at the Daily News) called me while I was at work, floored by this post. As I was talking to him, I realized something else…..was Scott’s recent highlighting of excessive reporter overtime with Tribune brass one of the other reasons why he was axed? One can only speculate…

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  1. Are these 200 in addition to the 85 people already announced? I know they were walking the halls offering buyouts to long time employees….not sure if my friend took one or not. Of course, the people that take the buyouts are usually the people that can pull their weight somewhere else…

    Odd that is organizing some boycott if Robert Scheer isn’t re-hired. If they love him so much they should pay him to write a blog on their website or something.

  2. Today at 1:00 PM the Los Angeles Times Operations Departments will announce cutbacks at the three production facilities.

    Ed Padgett
    Olympic Pressroom

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