The fuzzy nuzzies go bye-bye

This is Kip, two nights before his fated visit to the veterinarian’s office. Friends were over, and as we dismantled Trinity’s ancient Playstation so his friend Miles could borrow it, Kip was all up in the TV stand.

Miles’ girlfriend Lilly went a little crazy with my digital camera…..and Kip was oh-so-happy to oblige.

This is Kip immediately after coming home from an evening stay at the veterinarian’s. Doesn’t he look cute or what? He was so tired, clingy and affectionate – so unlike the Kip of yore.

He even got to a point where he was like – please, I’m sleeping. Look at him, covering his face. Just so you know, I was not the one who was calling Kip’s now-nonexistent gonads “fuzzy nuzzies.” Trinity was the one who came up with the cute, yet disturbing, term.