My cat is a genius!

How else can you explain how he managed to tape his own mouth? (No cats were hurt as these pictures were taken.)

Yes. That’s what Kip did – just hours after falling into the toilet, trying to get up on the counter as I brushed my teeth. I have my telephone cord taped to the wall so Kip cannot play with the cord, and I guess he started messing with the taped cord. I left to pick up some stuff from Target and was not gone for more than 45 minutes. When I got home, Kip walked up to me immediately, as he usually does, but was strangely quiet. I looked closer and saw he managed to tape his snout. Now, he was still able to breathe and able to lick the tape – but I couldn’t take the tape off until I finished falling down laughing, then have a quick photo session. How he managed to do this without opposable thumbs, I have no idea. Enjoy:

I did take the tape off, I promise, and managed to not take off any fur or whiskers. I swear. I didn’t take a picture of the after simply because I had to get to work.

One thought on “My cat is a genius!

  1. Yeah, that happened to my son the other day. I was brushing my teeth and….lol. Just kidding. What a cute “cat” (you know I could have gone the other way) you have. Good thing it was smart enough to leave breathing room.

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