Just a few of my favorite things…

I like using song phrases as headlines. Sorry.

Christmas for me is always quiet. When I was growing up, I didn’t celebrate Christmas, sort of in the same vein as these guys. However, my family and I always got around the whole retail-pressure thing by just buying presents for each other for New Year’s Day. In fact, while growing up, we always found ourselves driving from store to store on Christmas Day, looking for firewood.

This year was different, of course – now that I’m married and going to a different church, we celebrate Christmas more openly than I did than when I was growing up. Yes, I do the Christmas shopping and all that, but that’s not my focus during this holiday. I truly feel more spiritual than when I was growing up, and it’s a good feeling.

But despite the good, fuzzy, spiritual feelings, I was still bored after we finished up at church Sunday, delivered some presents and finished baking brownies. So I’m going to share a couple of the stories that caught my eye in my boredom:

  • Two Worlds At One Table – Ack, I’m so jealous. This was exactly the type of story I wanted to write when I graduated with degrees in both journalism and Asian American studies. It’s just another example of how beautiful two, very different cultures can be when blended – in this case, Chinese and Jewish.
  • Moment Of Truth For Media Chief – This story was an interesting profile of, basically, a man and his company. But there were some tidbits I had to read aloud to my husband – like the parts about Tony Ridder flying into Mississippi to help out the newspaper, the employees and the coverage, how he foresaw the internet classified advertising power and how family-oriented the guy is. It’s refreshing to see a corporate CEO be portrayed as human, in spite of what his critics say. Hey, all I know is if he were really all that bad as his critics say he is, then his shareholders wouldn’t be demanding a sale. I’m rooting for you, Uncle Tony! (A nickname that many of my intern friends used – I had a couple of Knight Ridder brat friends.)
  • Gizmo joins city patrol in Industry – What, you didn’t know I love cats? Trinity, looking through his newspapers’ stories for the day, found this gem, a cute tale about a stray cat who adopted the profession of his caretakers. I love stories about cats too – I once did one about a cat named Target who got stuck in a palm tree (we are in California, after all) for a couple of days. The headline was ‘A 36-hour Target’ and is only available now if you’re willing to pay $5 for a day’s access to the GNP‘s archives. The only thing I would have done differently with the Gizmo story is put together a cuter, more creative headline – then it would have been perfect!
  • Christmas abounds: One thing that I love about journalism is that it is history, happening to real people, happening right now. I’m currently reading “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” right now, but its so “behind-the-scenes” to be able read about Anne Rice herself, and sort of see the parallels of my redemptive journey to hers. I was also fascinated by this story about how Jewish and Christian families observe their important holidays when they fall on the same day, like it did yesterday. And for those who’ve known me for a long time, know I deplore Hollywood and its superficiality. But it appears a few Hollywood films have been able to make it past the superficiality and make Hollywood spiritual – even if the bankers think its still all about the money.