Just a couple of things

I was on the phone with PacifiCare yesterday morning (about 11 a.m., the wakeup time for a night-shift worker, thanks) when I clicked onto my SiteMeter stats and nearly fell over – at that point, I’d had probably 250 new viewers visit the site. The huge spike in traffic was due to a link from LA Observed during his morning Monday roundup. Thanks for the link, Kevin, but I have to admit the whole thing has me conflicted – first, he misspelled my first name (you all know how I am about that), and second, it makes me a bit twitchy about the site being so visible. I mean, I know my executive producer (and probably others who visit beFrank regularly) knows I have a blog, but still – you can’t help being a little gun-shy since you were once told to shut the blog down, even when half the posts are about my husband and my cat.

Another web-traffic related thing: Last week, my work’s site got a huge spike in traffic, and everyone thought it was a story produced by the national team. Not so – it was a bird flu story that I produced and the Drudge Report picked up. I was so proud! (Well, not proud that a weak strain of bird flu was found at a local farm, but proud that one of the stories I produced got linked.) Click on the link to see my screen shot of that day’s Drudge Report – the link to the story is at the top of the left column!

All these big traffic spikes, knowing how they affected the sites I deal with, kind of has me in awe. I mean, with the spikes sent to the sites I deal with, and thinking that out of every web audience, only a percentage will click on the link in question – how big is the referring site’s regular audience? Mind-boggling. I’ve had a web presence since 1997 – that’s almost nine years people – and I’ve never had web traffic like that.

Anyway, the last thing I wanted to mention is a conversation my long-time reader and police-scanner aficionado Karl and I have been having. He listens to regional law enforcement regularly on his scanners and says that a rocket was recently fired at LAX. He recently forwarded me an animated gif and an mp3 recording about the whole incident. Check out the gif here, which shows a flight 612 suddenly becoming two planes at 6,000 feet, and listen to the mp3 here.