Here come the holiday slideshows

My husband pointed out the LAT‘s holiday slideshow tonight over IM – “Scared of Santa: Tis the season to be scared witless.” I clicked on it, thinking, hey, that’s a great idea. But I was disappointed for several reasons. First, this explainer graf:

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a photo of sweet little toddlers screaming at Santa. A couple of years ago, the Chicago Tribune asked readers to send in their “Scared of Santa” photos. Those photos are included here, as well as additional photos sent in by, and Chicago Tribune readers in subsequent years. Enjoy!

I thought, OK, so it’s not an LAT-original idea, but its still a good one. Maybe I’ll see some L.A. pictures in here somewhere. But I was disappointed. I don’t think there was one L.A. picture. I did see a few Florida pictures, but most of them were copyright Chicago Tribune. Bleh. Granted, I didn’t click through every single picture – hey, there are 74, and I had other things to do – but going through the first 10, a middle 10 and the last 5 – not one L.A. picture.

But to be fair, the pictures are cute and funny. Plus, the pictures depict a couple of Santas who possibly had a bit too much to drink the night prior. But c’mon, it’s not that hard to get pictures from L.A. residents. The scariest one, I’d say, is #5 – I am not a fan of porcelain-faced dolls, so a porcelain-faced Santa? Crikey.

However, if you’d like to see some pictures from L.A. residents, click here. Tee hee.