Hallelujah, the LAT added feeds!

Via blogging.la, I have discovered the LAT has added RSS feeds! Wait, has it frozen over outside?

Honestly, when I began my online gig, about after two weeks, I practically had local/hard news withdrawal – because I no longer had access to the hard copies of the LAT and the Daily News at work, I no longer knew what the hell was going on! So from that point, I signed up for email subscriptions from the LAT, the DN and the LA Business Journal. However, I have not really liked the subscriptions as much – the LAT one only gives a snapshot of the news in the print edition, and the LABJ charges for access to pretty much anything.

This actually addresses a topic I’ve been meaning to blog about. This is my morning news consumption routine:

  • Login to Yahoo to get emails from the DN, the Poynter newsletters I’m signed up for and I actually rather enjoy the Beliefnet newsletters I get – I like the inspirational quotes.
  • Login to gmail for my emails from the LAT and whatever misc email I get – this is my personal email account.
  • In my “LA-Centric” blogroll – I click thru the latest or the most eye-catching headlines on these sites, in this order: LA Observed, blogging.la, LA Voice, Franklin Avenue, LAPD Wife, Losanjealous and OC Blog. I read (pretty thoroughly) at least three of those five sites every day.
  • In my “Journalism blogs” blogroll – I click thru the latest or the the most eye-catching posts on these sites in this order: Newsdesigner, beFrank, Take Back The Times (although his hedlines are so long I usually don’t click thru) and JobsPage. There are more I have added lately, but I haven’t made those sites into a habit yet.
  • On my days off, or when I just plain have more time, I have more I check out – Patterico, Local Liberty blog, Cathy Seipp (which I have classified under journalism) and various friends who have blogs. Cathy’s feed however consists of all “<” so even when she’s writing about something I want to read about, I might not know it.

Now, with these feeds, I’m going to have to change my habits all over again. I’ve already live-bookmarked (via my trusty Firefox browser) to the California, Technology, Travel, Education and Religion feeds. However – where’s the Health news feed?

2 thoughts on “Hallelujah, the LAT added feeds!

  1. Okay, what do I have to do to “be” higher up on the morning rounds?

    I tried posting every day, but even I don’t live that interesting of a life.

    (sigh) I’ll just have to try harder.

  2. Well, keep plugging there, beFrank. I’m not that tough a customer. God knows I don’t post every day!

    Anyway, thanks, Darleene!

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