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So it’s been a little bit more than a month since I restarted the blog, and I’m happy to report that I finally managed to get this new site address up in Google when doing a search for darleene, darleeneisms or darleene barrientos, although my name and my maiden name still bring up some of the more linked-to stories that have my byline on it while I was at the News-Press. That was particularly important to me, because during the blog blackout, I knew people were still searching for my site and wondering what happened to it – now that it’s back up, but at a different address, I want them to be able to find it. Why? Who knows. I’ve just had a web presence for so long, that’s its almost like part of my family.

According to my hosting stats, I have averaged about 113 page views a day, not bad considering my site was down for five months – an eternity in the blogosphere. Of course, I have been blogging more frequently than I usually would, so I can drive the traffic – and the Google rankings – back up. I was also blogging more frequently because, hey, I had been muzzled for five months. So, if I were to maintain that continual traffic, I’d be a happy camper.

The growing traffic is also largely thanks to folks like Kevin Roderick at LA Observed, Mike Schneider at Franklin Avenue, Bryan Frank at beFrank and Mack Reed at LA Voice, where I also submit posts as MrsPowells. Thanks so much for linking me, guys!

Also a big thanks to my returning readers (I know, I know, sounds pompous) like Karl the Burbank lurker and Steven Rosenberg, of the Daily News and the blogger behind 2,000 Days in the Valley, who commented earlier today that I was one of his “blogging heroes”….. Dude, I don’t know about that, but thanks…..and you made my husband laugh. Heh.

And especially a big, sincere thanks to my bosses at work. Thank you so much for letting me blog. Really.

Time to get ready for work! Expect a post later – Kip got his fuzzy nuzzies nipped….poor thing…

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