Lazy turkey day

Ah, Kip has got the life. He’s basically been sleeping in whatever room I’ve been in tonight. He’s been so good! But he better be, since his fuzzy nuzzies are coming off this Monday.

I ended up not having to work, after unsuccessfully campaigning to get a shift on either Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving.

Trinity had to work tonight, while I did not, so I insisted we go to lunch together. We originally planned on going to Benihana in the City of Industry (the closest one to his work), but it turned out they close between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., and we had gotten stuck in traffic. So I headed further down the road to one of the staples of Rowland Heights – Sam Woo.

Originally, I was going to go to the more, um, urban Sam Woo eatery, on the west end of that strip mall – however, they are an all-cash establishment. So we ended up at the restaurant on the east end. We were seated and were immediately accosted by about four cart ladies, offering us Chinese pastries, steamed goodies, fried goodies and plenty of gelatinous desserts. I chose my tried-and-true favorites – siu mai, har gow, jin diu (Filipinos call them buchie buchie), and steamed barbecued pork bow (pork buns). One new thing we tried was essentially shrimp wrapped in bacon.

Oh, but the funniest thing about the whole situation was the look on Trinity’s face – he looked dumbfounded as I listed the things I wanted, and seconds later, little metal trays of steamed, stuffed and fried things appeared on our table, and as the cart ladies tried to get us to try more of their wares. He later commented about one lady hawking the Chinese pastry, “I’ve never had a server pay so much attention to me!” He did wonder if the ladies were working on commission or something, and we figured they were working for some kind of bonus. Anyone want to weigh in?

Trinity went off to work, and I went to my mom’s house, spent some time with her and was leaving as my younger sister and brother (whose birthday is today, Nov. 25!) were coming. So I stayed a little longer and had some more – wanna guess? – Sam Woo. They went to the cash-only restaurant. The spicy-salt shrimp and pork chops are the bomb.

It kind of sucked that I had to spend most of my Thanksgiving evening alone, but I figure – at least I don’t feel stuffed from having eaten a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. And I got to spend tons of quality time with the Kipster.

Plus, tonight, when I went to the Blogger site to login, I found this gem – Holla Back New York City. Man, it brought back memories. For those of you who haven’t followed me since 1997, I didn’t have a car until I was 20, so during my junior college years, I had to get rides from my mom and use public transportation quite a bit. And man – it sucked. Eventually, I made sunglasses and headphones required wear during that period in my life, so I could pretend I didn’t see people leering at me on the bus or at bus stops and not hear the catcalls from passing motorists. I’ve been to New York just a couple of times, but its not hard to see how much more aggressive New York men are, so it’s not surprising to me that such a site is necessary, but man – I wish I’d come up with the idea.

I wonder – maybe such a site should be started for L.A. – or is L.A. too separated by car doors and windows? But then again, there’s the whole phenomenon of guys trying to pick up on girls as they drive on the freeway – that could be part of it……….