Headline bias against a Christian network

I saw this the other day and it’s been bothering me ever since:

Public TV Outlet Battling Christian Network

This makes it sound as if the two entities are in some sort of Braveheart-like battle scene, like the Christian network attacked the public TV outlet.

But no – the story is that Daystar Television, a large Christian network based in Texas, outbid everyone else to buy KOCE-TV from the Coast Community College District in Orange County. But instead of selling to the highest bidder, as most organizations who need money do, they sell it to the KOCE Foundation for $32 million, which later dropped to $28 million, to be paid over 30 years. Daystar offered $25.1 million in cash, then nearly doubled it after the deadline to $40 million. Daystar is now suing because they claim its bid should have been selected because college districts are supposed to sell surplus property “for cash” to the highest bidder.

A fairer headline might have been:

Public TV Outlet, Christian Network Battle Over Orange County Station
KOCE-TV The Center Of Legal Tug-Of-War
Station Struggles To Keep Its Airwaves For O.C. Public

But, instead, its “Public TV Outlet Battling Christian Network.” Give me a break – what is this, socialism at its best? You might as well proclaim, “God will never breach the public airwaves!” Then at least you might get the ubiquitous Michael Newdow in there, supporting you.

I’m not even sure who’s to blame for this headline – the story’s written by the AP, but I’m sure that Yahoo’s editors write the headlines to fit into its style guidelines.

C’mon people – can we get even a thin sheen of unbiased journalism?

One thought on “Headline bias against a Christian network

  1. It’s not bias, Darleene, it’s a good headline. “Battles” is an active word. Hell, I’d use that head if we had a similar story.

    And as a socialist, where’s the socialism? :-)

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