Fascination with the fish

I’m like a kid – I like to go to places like the Aquarium of the Pacific or the Los Angeles Zoo, just to enjoy myself, even as all the adults around me are toting their kids to go see the fish or the animals or what have you.

Me? I was toting – well, more like dragging – my husband, rather than any kids, to the Aquarium Tuesday. You shoulda seen me – I was literally pulling him from gallery to gallery. Highlights – watching the sea otters, the sea lions and the seals, petting the sharks and the tidepool creatures and seeing a fish named Napoleon wrasse.

I’m really tired, so I’m just going to mostly give you pictures.

I had such a fabulous time petting the sharks what a thrill! Of course you gotta keep your fingers out of the tank during feeding tank – don’t want to give them finger foods! Ah thank you, ah thank you – that one was courtesy of Trinity.

This picture is interesting – that big fish over the kids heads is called a Napoleon wrasse. Apparently, all these fish start out female, but if there’s a lack of males, one female will turn male and grow that big hump on its head.

The sea otters were so cute! I kept trying to get pictures of this one while he was eating. They’re fast little buggers too.