And again.

I spent two and a half years at the Glendale News-Press, which was owned by the L.A. Times and Tribune Co., and during that time, there were two was one round of layoffs, once in 2003 and again in 2004.

^My mistake, I apologize. I remember the 2004 round of layoffs, the round which laid waste to the jobs of my former editor in chief and the News-Press’ investigative reporter. But then again, so many people have gone through my newsroom during my time there – in one year, I had six supervising editors, and basically an entire changeover in the reporting and news desk staff, that I think it just felt like a round of layoffs.

How is it possible that they’re going to do another round of layoffs in 2005? I was shocked to see the news at the top of LA Observed this morning.

This makes me extremely concerned for the friends I still have at the News-Press, but maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about them – in a way, Tribune doesn’t pay my friends enough for them to be worth laying off. Maybe they’ll just (hopefully) lay off the publisher.

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  1. Lots of people cancelling subscriptions to the LA Times.

    I was reading Daily Variety yesterday, and they say a lot of this turmoil among the newspapers is because of the fall off in movie attendance. That didnt connect with me immediately, but they went further to explain that, for example, that the movie advertising in Knight-Ridder papers had dropped off 82% this year, since the studios stopped buying full page ads for future releases. So, by remaking The Fog, Batman six different ways, and no Body Snatchers for the fourth time, it is leading to the decline of newspapers?

    Even more shocking was the news that Philip Anschutz may purchase K-R whole….and remake all the papers into EXAMINERS (like SF Examiner) which he apparently has secured the name to in a zillion cities across America. That would be the same Anschutz that owns a majority of the Kings, Lakers, Staples Center, Home Depot field, Union Pacific RR, the Regal Theatres, etc, etc.

    A modern day William Randolph Hearst, albeit church-going and leaning toward the right.

  2. If you had the read The New Yorker article on new LA Times editor Dean Baquet from last month this latest round of layoffs/buyouts would not have been such a shock. Baquet was thisclose to leaving the Times himself after John Carroll took off in June but stuck around based on promises from Trib Co. suits that overseas bureaus wouldn’t be touched in the upcoming cost reductions.
    Now the elimination of the Outdoors section, that was a shock…

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