A good news day

I met Cathy (pictured here, at my high school graduation in 1996) in Mr. Lambert’s algebra class – I was a flunky sophomore who constantly slept in class, she was a studious freshman who thought my sleeping in class was funny. We remained friends throughout the years, but having gone to different universities, becoming friends with different circles of people, and dating different kinds of guys – the inevitable happened. We grew apart, but never stopped calling each other, emailing each other and telling each other the big news of our lives.

Well, last night she called me with great news….she’s engaged!!! Mike is a lucky guy – I know personally there’s been tons of guys who have been obsessed with Cathy and certainly, he’s not the first guy to want to marry her. Cathy is one of the greatest people I know – sweet, decisive and so sickenly hot, but so nice that I forgave her for always attracting ALL the guys we met whenever we went out.

Trinity says I let out a girlish squeal when I found out, but I did not – although I did get kind of loud.

Anyway, congratulations Cathy and Mike!

Besides that, my buddy Marc Carig, aka the Media Mogul, IM’ed me yesterday – he’s a finalist for a Washington Post sports internship. Congratulations!!!!!

Heh. I guess this is what happens when you become a grown up…..