A glorious new place on the web

I use Bible.com every so often – more so to find Scriptures for strength and patience when I was at my old job. *wink*

So imagine my surprise when I saw the site had undergone a nice redesign, using strong, solid colors like blue and burgundy (in fact, if I were ever to have another wedding – not to another man, but a renewing of the vows, you dorks – I’d have to struggle between choosing either of these colors).

The way its organized makes it easier on the eyes to find Daily Devotionals, answers for modern concerns and questions, check out slightly uncommon features like Kids Quotes.

And maybe the site’s previous design didn’t contribute to my being curious, but I find the Bible Answers section particularly well-designed – I clicked through Masturbation, Tattoos, Drinking Alcoholic Beverages, Gambling and Abortion, just to see what they say.

I do wish, though, that their Daily Devotional section had an RSS feed, so I could add it to my daily menu of first-thing-in-the-morning click-thrus.

If you’re of a mind to, go check it out.