So what’s in a name?

I feel the need to explain the domain name change.

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I love and admire and follow (it’s one of the three websites I check every day), I was not seeking to copy it. As soon as I got a new job, I had been planning to relaunch my site, whose domain name was purchased through this local company (I’m not going to link to it, and you’ll soon learn why) and hosted through my friend and former boss, Mel, who inadvertantly hosted it without asking me for payment for the past four years. I owe him a lot of babysitting hours. :-)

Anyway, when I finally got the new job, the time to set it up, and the money to renew my former domain name,, I called the old company and learned that I failed to pay for the domain name for the past two years (2004 and 2005), so owed for those two years, plus two late fees. (I forgot because I never got emails to remind me, and it seems like they should have shut down the domain name if I didn’t pay it last year, but whatever.) I talked to the chick, and she seemed amenable to the idea of my paying for the two years, plus one late fee, but she had to go check with her manager. When she called me back, she told me there was a problem – turns out I owed for hosting too.

Let me explain. I first registered and hosted my site through, and its apparent sister company later contacted me to renew my domain name in 2003, only I didn’t know it was the sister company. I switched my hosting in 2001 (I believe) and never looked back. However, because I didn’t explicitly tell them to stop hosting my site, they kept my account open, even though there was no activity on it for four years. So now, I owed them for four years of hosting.

Know what I said?

Hell no. I ended up saying, look, if you want me to pay for the domain name for the two years and one late fee, fine. But if you want to try and tack on four years of hosting too, I’m no fool and I can get another domain name. (after all, how many people want the domain name

Anyway, I saw it as a unique opportunity to get a newer, cooler domain name. Kinda cool, huh?