Recap: Introducing Kip

I know I don’t normally post every day, but c’mon – I have five months to catch up on.

Meet Kip, named for the first thing he did when he came to our apartment – nap. Here he is, on his first day at our apartment earlier this month. Gosh, he’s only been with us since Oct. 2.

Within a week, he already had the run of the place. We had to put away all our frames, kitten-proof the apartment and buy clippers to cut his nails and an organic spray to keep him from scratching the couch. Below, he poses as a deceptively cute kitten – but really, he likes to chew on my hands and pounce on Trinity’s feet and head.

He’s still a kitten, so he’s still a little psycho. Sometimes he goes nuts, and chews on our feet, fingers, hands – I’ve got some righteous scratches. So sometimes, I have to enact the kitty strait jacket on him (wrapping him in the couch blanket so he can’t extend his neck to my hands or scratch me with his paws). Usually, he just falls asleep within 10 minutes.

Ohhh, and he’s so bad sometimes. I found this scene coming home from work last week.

But really, he’s cute. Well, he can be.