Now restarting…

Most cool things (i.e. electronics) have a restart button. Life has such a thing, too, and even though its not technically a button, the great thing about most lives it that most of the things, good and bad, that happen in them have a beginning and an ending.

And no, I’m not talking about this blog, although yes, the beginning was in 1997. I’m talking about a job I wanted to move on from, that also happened to be the one where my supervisors told me to shut down my blog. So I did. But now, as I’m beginning to settle in at my new job, I am pushing the restart on this blog, which is also with a redesign. (I love redesigns.)

So what’s changed? Not much, although I no longer work long hours (ooh! I said it!) without overtime (OMG! What is that?!). I no longer go out into the field to report on stories, which I do miss. I was loathe to leave my longtime job in Glendale, where I got to know so many micro-local issues well. I nearly asked to write a reporter’s notebook before leaving, just to say good-bye to all the cool parents, students, teachers, police officers and business people I’d come into contact with during my time as the Jill-of-all-trades at my old paper, but I decided against it. I have a new cat, named Kip. I still have my car, but it’s now paid off! Yay! I’m still married. I still go to church. :)

Nope, not much has changed, except that I’m now at a job where my supervisors are OK with my blogging. (Yes I did check. And by the way, the supervisors at my old paper did know I had a web site and an online journal, but that was like six editors ago.) Hurray! I plan to post more pictures. I’ll still blog about marriage, journalism and geeky stuff like computers and iPods. But don’t expect to see a post every day. Things haven’t changed that much.