Hollywood Halloween kookiness

I now work in the heart of Hollywood, which on a regular basis has a fair share of characters walking around – well, at least compared to Brand Boulevard in Glendale, where I used to work. Actually, in Glendale, it seemed as if there was more pedestrians, but that might just be because in Hollywood, there are so many more cars compared to people.

Anyway, I was tired. I’d been working till 11 Saturday, and got up super early to get to church on Sunday, so I was sort of on my last legs during my Sunday shift. Plus, I’d had no time to go out and get some food before going to work, so I kept having to go to Coffee Bean and Jack N the Box for coffee and food.

Hollywood is a weird place on a regular basis, but then you got all sorts of “normal” people coming into the area all dressed up as weird characters for the clubs and the bars. On a normal day, I’ll see a couple of homeless folks either on the corner of Sunset and Gower or across the street at Rite Aid. I generally don’t carry cash, so I always feel bad that I can’t give them anything, but what can you do?

Last night, as I went about going to Jack for some food, I saw all sorts of people parking their cars along El Centro and heading for clubs in the direction of Hollywood Boulevard. Most were your usual variety – punk rocker wigs, pimpstress dresses. I was sitting in the drive-thru to Jack, and saw a couple of guys go by in togas – scared me at first, like “why are people walking around Hollywood half-naked?” when I remembered that it was the night before Halloween. When I got back to my parking lot, I saw these three Asians, with one guy in a construction guy outfit, walking by the parking lot, smirking at the homeless guy sleeping on the ground just outside the fence. I felt like yelling, “Hey, guys, he doesn’t have a costume on – have a heart and stop smirking at him.”

The worst costume I saw was a guy coming out of a club dressed in gangster clothes, complete with a blue bandanna. That dude was liable to get shot.