Campaign paraphernalia working hard for me*

I get so much junk mail nowadays – credit card offers, real estate mailers for my landlord, donation requests from my alma mater – that I often pick up the mail and leave it on the counter for my husband to thumb through. When I have time during the week, I take five minutes to go through mail and the credit card offers, tearing the applications up, and toss them all into the trash.

Well, campaign mailers for this special election have been an added headache – seriously, who reads these? When I want info about elections, I go online. But one mailer from Jose Huizar was interesting. Not only did he include all the yaddah yaddah yaddah about what he’ll do for council district 14 (of which, obviously, I’m a part, being a Monterey Hills resident), he included this flat, cardboard-ish like thing that included a strange message – “dip this in water and see what happens.”

Lo and behold – it became a sponge! I wonder, though, if they believe this will win voters over. My husband pointed out one thing – the thing didn’t even say something like, “cleaning up district 14 for YOU” or “working hard to clean up district 14” or something related to the whole idea of sending a voter a sponge.

Anyway, if you asked me today if I would vote for Jose Huizar or Nick Pacheco, I would have to reply, oh so originally, “I don’t know.” All I know is, having lived in Monterey Hills for almost a year and a half, there’s hardly any presence of a city councilman around here – unlike other districts, of which I know the city councilman and his blog. Sure you could blame that on former district 14 Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa being elected mayor but even before then, there was barely any reminder here that he was a councilman – other than the district office that I see along Huntington as I’m on my way to Alhambra. (To be honest, I’m not sure why I haven’t seen his district office along Figueroa, which is arguably the heart of district 14, but whatever.)

But to be fair, district 14 is relatively low income and not as technically savvy as other council districts. But still – it’d be nice to hear more or see more about one of the leading candidates stumping at the local Food4Less or hosting a fair on Huntington Drive, or something. In the meantime, my sponge is working quite hard for me, so thank you Jose Huizar.

UPDATE: Jose Huizar is working hard…to stock my kitchen! I started cracking up when I opened up another campaign envelope and found these gloves. Hilarious.