Now, I really can’t feel my teeth!

Friends who knew me when I was in my partying years (a very short period; from 2001-2002, I’d say) know that I’ve really only been drunk once in my life, and then it wasn’t even throw-up or have-a-hangover-the-next-morning kind of drunk. It was my 23rd birthday, and I celebrated at Miyagi’s in West Hollywood. I drank just five drinks – a Malibu bay breeze, a mai tai I didn’t even finish, a kamikaze shot that the waitress brought around for everyone, a sake bomb, and a 3 wise men. I knew I was drunk because 1) I could barely walk out without help, 2) my face was all red and 3) I couldn’t feel my teeth, and I told everyone about it.

Last Friday I had another episode, but it had nothing to do with alcohol. It so happened that I finally got my appointment to fill two of my cavities Friday – it had been postponed since January, which really frustrated me because I just wanted to get it done with. Anyway, the dentist shot me up with anesthesia in my upper right side of my mouth and in my lower left jaw. The first shot, the one at the top of my mouth, kicked in quickly and perfectly, but my jaw shot wouldn’t take effect. The dentist tried another dose, and finally changed the medicine. The third shot kicked in perfectly, and I could feel him drilling into my tooth without any pain – a curious feeling. Anyway, the anesthesia worked so well that I could effectively cut both my right upper lip and left lower lip and not have felt it at all – until later. I didn’t do that though. I did laugh, as I was driving back to work later, at the funny feeling – I kept feeling like my lip was curled up because I couldn’t feel it. Plus, as I tried to drink my coffee – it was warm, don’t worry – I had to physically wrap my lower lip around the cup so I wouldn’t dribble it all over myself. Then, I tried to put on lipstick and that was just hilarious – I didn’t realize that even though you look at yourself in the mirror as you put on lipstick, you still need to feel your lip to keep the lipstick along your lip line. (Yes, I messed up quite hilariously.)

Yeah, its good to laugh at yourself in the morning.