busy week = no posts

Actually, a few days without posting could really mean anything. It coulde mean I’m actually on vacation and can’t bring myself to break my pleasant, TV-induced stupor to blog; it could mean my laptop is on the fritz (God forbid!); it could mean I’m pissy and don’t feel like depositing my personal poison onto the Internet. Whatever. This week, it’s thanks to the centennial issue we’re working on – I spent the majority of my weekend researching and writing a history story that turned out was also being written by a freelancer. I’m still trying to put together the story about the 2000s and the history of technology at the paper. In fact, as soon as I finish this, I’m going to go back to writing it.

Trinity and I did have a brief moment of levity Monday. I had stumbled on this site via my friend Bryan in Singapore and was immediately in love with the thought of making myself a South Park character. Here’s what I put together as a sort of “back in the day, and now.”

Oh, what a difference three years makes. Anyway, this is what Trinity did, and he hasn’t changed much since we first met, so he doesn’t get a before/after image. Disclaimer: Trinity does not have an afro. I’m not sure why he chose that ‘do: