Weekend brights

I like being the only Saturday reporter at a tiny, local paper like mine. At my paper, especially, its nice because I’m the only reporter in and there’s no pressure to publish for the next day (we don’t have a Sunday edition). The drawbacks are that if the sh*t hits the fan, I get to field it all on Saturday, plus I do a lot of ahead work because I’m not in on Mondays. Oh, and if the Sunday or Monday editors have a problem with a story, I can get call after call after call on my day off.

This Saturday, I had to cover two late events, but it worked out, because I got a chance to spend some time with Trinity. Plus, the day began with a visit from the best landlord EVER Mark Hughes, who came to look at our dishwasher because it had been leaking onto the downstairs neighbor’s ceiling. (He called me later in the day to tell me he already had a new dishwasher for us and that he wanted to install it on a day that wouldn’t interfere with our days off. I called Trinity to let him know, and he was like, “shut up.” We were very impressed.)

Besides getting a chance to deal with my awesome landlord, I was pleasantly surprised by the participants in the pageant I had to cover tonight. (The story’s not online yet, otherwise I’d link to it.) When I first heard I had to go cover a pageant, I was less than thrilled, believe me. But the girls I talked to were all quite nice and didn’t sound ditsy (as I had feared they might) and were good-natured about my joking with them about painful high heels and cheeks hurting from smiling so much. It kind of reminded me of a story I did recently, covering a protest at Home Depot. I was just a little afraid that these protesters might turn on me, seeing as they might question my citizenship, but they were quite nice to me. Of course, I do have press credentials, but whatever. I like to be optomistic.

Then, I had to go cover Glendale Fire’s annual awards dinner. Now, I know that firefighters are universally sighed over by women. But since my inclinations go in other directions, I am not so much a fan of firefighters for their looks than for how crazy nice they are. I covered their dinner and did some pre-quoting (I knew who a few awardees were, so I got quotes from them beforehand, since I was planning to cut out before the end). But I sat in the back with a few cups of coffee as everyone else eight. I swear, at least eight of the fire department guys urged me to eat, along with a few of the waiters and servers at the Oakmont Country Club. They were so nice about it! But I try not to eat at assignments – it’s hard to take notes at the same time. Plus, I didn’t pay to get in, and I hate to compromise myself or my story, even in such a small way.