webby dreamin’

Way, way, back in the day, when I first started keeping a web site, I dreamed of winning a Webby award, the way former DT staffer Christine Castro did. I highly doubt that will happen, at least not any time in the future, since I’m too busy to A) update my site on a daily or even couple-times-a-week basis and B) I’m not as good as a designer as, say, my husband is. Ah well, I can still dream, yes? But via Poynter‘s E-Media Tidbits, I got a tiny peek at some of this year’s Webby Award nominations. I didn’t realize there were so many categories now. Anyway, of particular interest to me, as a journalist, is the newspaper category. I think the award should go to either:


I love the way both these sites look; both are clean and simple and well designed. Both employ the top row navigation bar, rather than the left-hand side navigation. One thing I never did get about modern web design is why the navigation naturally goes to the left. If the scroll bar is on the right, isn’t it awkward to put your site navigation on the left? The natural solution to the paradox is to put the navigation along the top.

Locally, the newspaper sites I like (but unfortunately are not up for Webbies) are:


For the same reasons of course. However, I would love American newspapers to get a move on in realizing how cool a regular blog feature would be….I don’t understand a lot of the debate about blogs – when I was in J-school, I was taught that three of the main features of a newspaper that people look for are sports, weather and entertainment. It seems as if at least two of those subjects – sports and entertainment – might make great topics to blog on.

Anyway, on another subject, I was perusing the LA Times tonight and saw some headlines that caught my eye. These got a “what is wrong with people nowadays” reaction from me:

Ballplayer, 13, Allegedly Kills Boy With Bat at Palmdale Park

Child Shot in Mother’s Arms Near School

This one, however, got a “damn, they’ve got a creative headline writer over there” reaction from me:

Finger Finder Decides Not to File Suit

C’mon, that’s just awesome!