ooh, intersection

How often does my work and the blogosphere intersect? Not often, but tonight I didist! Turns out a story I was assigned tonight involved a play co-written by blogger Brian Flemming, who posted his own comments about the hullabaloo. (I knew his name was familiar somewhere, but couldn’t place it until I saw it at the top of LAblogs.com‘s aggregator tonight). Oh, and hey, if my play was “controversial” enough to drag Focus on the Family folks out to the foothills, I’d consider that a compliment. (Yes, I’m Christian, but I’m just being real.) It’s a small world after all….

By the way, my birthday is coming up. Let me introduce you to some new objects of my affection….

To be quite honest, that’s not all, but it’s not like I can post every piece of clothing and pair of shoes on here. You wouldn’t want to see that anyway. But I love these things because they appeal to the geek in me – the patio chairs for reading outside, and the two laptop bags – one functional one and one stylish one. Yes, the black handbag is a laptop bag. Isn’t it snazzy?