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Normally, my ethnicity doesn’t play a big part in what I post here, but this event seems to be truly worthy of being checked out. Somehow, either as a part of‘s former staff or from my stint doing research for my long-ago veteran’s story, I was unknowingly subscribed to Eric Garcetti’s PR dude’s email list (Hi Joe Bernardo!). So, as a service, I will begin posting some of the more interesting events and stuff that I get from him.

The event in question is a Filipino American authors night, featuring new authors Marianne Villanueva, who wrote “Mayor of the Roses: Stories”; Augusto Fauni Espiritu, author of “Five Faces of Exile: The Nation and Filipino American Intellectuals”; and Melinda de Jesus, who edited “Pinay Power: Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience.” The event will be 6-9 p.m. Friday, at the Philippine Consulate General, 3600 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 500, in L.A. The event’s free but RSVP’s are required and can be made by calling (310) 514-9139 or emailing

Also cut and paste from the email:

Authors Night coincides with the conference of the Association of Asian American Studies which is being held here in LA from April 21-23. There are about 30 Filipino American scholars, authors, and members of the academe who are attending the Conference. We have invited them to our event, and schedules permitting, guests at Authors Night will enjoy an extra bonus as they will have a chance to meet authors Brian Ascalon Roley
(American Son: Novel); Leny Mendoza Strobel (Coming Full Circle: The Process of Decolonization among Post-1965 Filipino Americans); Benito M. Vergara, Jr (Displaying Filipinos: Photography and Colonialism in Early 20th Century Philippines); Rick Bonus (Locating Filipino Americans: Ethnicity & the Cultural Politics of Space), Martin F. Manalansan, lV (Ethnographic Explorations of Asian America); Catherine Ceniza Choy (Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History) and Evelyn Berg Empie ( A Child in the Midst of Battle: A Manila Memoir). Their books will be available for autographing.

This event is part of the ongoing outreach program of Philippine Expressions Bookshop, the mail order Bookshop dedicated to Filipino Americans in search of their roots. This is the fourth in the series of book events planned for 2005 to mark the Bookshop’s 2lst year of service to the Filipino community in North America. 2005 also marks the 3lst year of cultural activism of its owner, Linda Maria Nietes.