Move it on out…

Are you wondering why I’ve posted a picture from my wedding day, with my (then) new husband, my coworker Josh and his girlfriend Nicole?

Suffice it to say that when you work with fun people, you tend to become friends, and mine and Trinity’s friendship with Josh and Nicole is one of the more tangible gifts I (one day) will take with me when I ultimately leave the News-Press.

Sound odd? Sorry – I’m trying to not sound sappy. Josh’s last day was today, and he’ll be moving on to bigger, better and much better-paid horizons at the Daily News, covering the LAPD. Its a huge loss for us, because Josh was the best reporter on staff at my paper. And as much as I’d love to be jealous and petty and snarky, I really can’t help but be happy for him because he really deserves it. And to be honest, I’m not sure what’s going to happen at my paper, whether someone on staff will be asked to fill his spot as city hall reporter, or whether they’ll hire someone new. I’m preparing to roll with them punches. But whatever happens, I’m hoping that whomever ends up in the fifth reporter spot here will be as journalistically aggressive, sarcastic, clever, funny and a hard act to follow as Josh. Good luck and God bless!!!!!!