Love for the winged rodent

I have a habit of checking the competition papers after midnight, since I am usually up until 2 a.m. waiting for Trinity. Tonight, its amusing that the LA Times had two bat-themed stories in the California section:

Holy Habitat! Bats’ Bridge Is Saved
By David Reyes
O.C. structure that 1,500 of the winged creatures call home won’t be destroyed, a supervisor says. It is slated to become public property.

Parents Wary of Dark Side of ‘Bat Boy’
By Patricia Ward Biederman
The musical, set to open at La Cañada High, has drawn opposition from some who worry about its themes, including incest, rape and murder.

The latter, incidentally, is similar to a story I wrote last week. But because I got tired of the onslaught of emails I was getting about the issue, I opted to not blog about it and leave the controversy at the office. Dude, I’m still getting emails here and there about it. No more please.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to former News-Press staffer Gary Moskowitz, who got notification today (which was in my email box, so I opened it, heheh) that he got a certificate of merit for his “Language of Learning” series from the California Teachers Assn.’s annual education journalism contest. My editor sort of scoffed earlier, thinking it was one of those certificates you get for just entering, but I don’t think that’s the type of certificate you get if you’re listed alongside the winners. Anyway, Gary left the News-Press close to 9 months ago, but I urged him to get entered into the contest when I heard about it (again, through mail addressed to him, heheh). You can’t win a contest unless you enter, and its always nice to get recognition for your work. Go Gary!