I wanna be like Eve Diamond

Well, except for the falling-in-love-with-her-sources part.

Via LA Observed, Denise Hamilton’s latest installment of fictional Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond’s adventures is coming out May 3. (Just in time for my birthday…hint, hint). My sister and I really loved her debut novel, The Jasmine Trade. I think it was partly because I sorta lived in that world, having grown up in Hacienda Heights around parachute kids. I liked Sugar Skull and Last Lullaby, but wasn’t as enamored of those two novels as The Jasmine Trade. For some reason, those two books felt less intricate as her first novel. But hell, I’d love to live life as an Los Angeles Times reporter, and if this is the closest I can get right now, so be it.

I wonder what it must be like, going from writing hard news to writing fictional crime/reporter novels? I always fancied that I have a few books in my head, but Heaven knows when I’ll have the discipline to sit down and actually commit these books to paper (or screen, as it may be). And, as with all my big projects and endeavors, I already have a headline (or title, actually) for it. Heheh. I’m a dork.