encounter with the LAPD

I didn’t do it, I swear!

No, I’m kidding. I just talked to Trinity and he was still at work, so he told me to go ahead and pull into our tandem parking spot and that he would just get up (very begrudgingly) in the morning (since its my late day, and I’m going in late). So I get down to the lobby, and I see these two cops sort of hanging around the front door. I’m curious, because – hey – it’s 1:30 a.m., and it didn’t look like an emergency, so I couldn’t imagine what they wanted. I was a bit concerned that maybe someone reported someone illicitly wandering around in the garage, and they were there to investigate, so I opened the door for them. (I had to open the door for them because my building isn’t the type that would have an on-site manager; rather its the type that features units that are bought and sold like real estate.) Turned out they were doing a welfare check on my upstairs neighbor because someone filed a missing persons report for him.

Recently, it seems my upstairs neighbor, Jimmy, has deterioriated mentally. He’s mistaken our door for his door several times and been known to run his faucets relentlessly, to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbor. The last encounter we had with him, Trinity told me he’d seen Jimmy walking around in slippers, a jacket and nothing else, toward our door (which was unlocked because Trinity was outside doing laundry). (That would have been a shocker for me to see, btw.) So I told the cops all this info, and that my downstairs neighbor told me Jimmy had been taken away because of his behavior, but didn’t say by whom. I haven’t seen Jimmy since.

One of the cops made an offhand comment that maybe Jimmy mistook my door frequently because I was a pretty girl, which was a bit awkward. The whole situation was a bit awkward because 1) I was in my pajamas and 2) these were two overweight cops talking to me, and my husband wasn’t home. But it was also kind of funny too – when the cop asked my age, I gave it, then he tried to explain what he’d be doing with it on the report. I kept saying, “OK….OK…I know.” I didn’t want to mention I’d been a cops reporter.