confessions of a self-professed dork

When I saw Franklin Avenue‘s Mike had given me a mention in his post today, I got all excited. I gushed to my husband. “Babe, this is a big deal!” With most every web site I’m involved in, I am pretty adept at flying under the radar, except to a select group of people who know me personally and a few who just seem to like my writing.

Heheh. At any rate, I’m not trying really to get more time on other bigger name blogs, simply because I’m a second-year reporter trying to get to that second paper. And since blogging is so new (but not to me – I started circa 1997. But please don’t go to those archives. The tone of my writing was just so incredibly immature then…) I am wary of how potential employers might view my afterhours hobby…

In another thought, Eric Slater spoke to the Chico Enterprise Record, firing back that the errors in his story were partly made by editors chopping it up. Ken Reich, also a former LA Times reporter, backs up the claim and says that editing for the metro section (i.e. local news) is much more slapdash than on the foreign or national desks. Jason Leopold, whose book Off the Record was dropped by a publisher just before it hit the stores, declared he hated all journalists and that we were all too quick to believe Slater is a fabricator, in his comments in Reich’s blog. (Did I say that? I don’t think I did. But I did say that I thought long-time reporters should be held to a higher standard.)