The fun side of journalism…..

Making fun of yourself/the industry…(Click the picture to see it big)

And fun coplogs. I swear, our cops reporter Jackson Bell has a knack for finding the gems in the police reports, which for the most part are usually filled with more mundane stuff like bikes missing, purses stolen and credit card fraud. He once did a brief, when he was still in Burbank, about a Glendale guy who was arrested for an alleged burglary when the owner of the home found him in her bathtub, taking a bubble bath. Then there’s this gem, which was passed around by the editors last week:

1437 W. Glenoaks Blvd.: An El Pollo Loco employee dressed in a promotional chicken suit reported Sunday that someone grabbed the head of the costume from him and ran off. The chicken head is worth $3,000.

Good times, man. Good times.