taking a breather

Tonight, I didn’t do jack. I got home from work, I took a shower, I stuffed my face and watched movies. Now, I’m drinking cinnamon hot chocolate.

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. I’ve just been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to clean my apartment (which has been driving me bananas), cook or even dash off a few posts. The week started off fast and furious, I tell you. First off, I was in the middle of getting ready for a long day at work Tuesday when the lights in the bathroom flickered, then went dead. Don’t you hate it when you’re part of the news. Actually, I called Trinity and woke him up with that line. I’m corny, I know?

Then, yesterday, I was covering this story, when I found my niece Christina. (This picture is from the last time I’d seen her, at my mom’s birthday party last year.) Ever since I’d started covering education in Glendale, I’d been looking for my nieces. Turned out, I didn’t realize my niece was old enough to be at Hoover High School. Man, I’m getting up there in age.

Today, as I was leaving to go to work, I thought, “do I need a jacket? Nah.” Turned out, as soon as I got to my first interview for the day, it began raining. I ended up getting soaked as I hiked back to my car because, of course, I hadn’t brought an umbrella with me – it was in the car. I had one more assignment after that, during which I was able to stay reasonably dry. As I was on my way back to the office, I thought I can probably stay in the office the rest of the day because I’ve done all the reporting I need to do today. Hah – turned out there was a house fire at about 5:20, and I was the late reporter. So let’s recap – just dressed in a men’s shirt and jeans, no jacket and going out to a house fire as evening falls. This week just wouldn’t quit.

One thing I had wanted to mention this week was the comments I’d gotten while on stories that haven’t published yet. I was at a local private school, talking about print journalism and one of my paper’s photographers was there. One of the students, who was in charge of the photography at her school’s paper, asked her if he was the type of photographer who annoyed the celebrities. He had to emphasize the differences between a photojournalist, a celebrity photographer and the papparazi. At another interview (and actually with the same photographer), the lady I was talking to, when we’d finished up, she commented, “wow, you didn’t attack me.”

Honestly, I know that journalists have a bad reputation, but I’m a community reporter. Because Glendale is so small, I can’t afford to make anyone mad, and it’s not like I would want to anyway. Generally, one of the pitfalls of my personality is that I like most people, and I would like most people to like me. So, if you’re living in a city that’s fortunate enough to have a small paper, you should expect your community reporter to be personable – not a bull dog. (And, as an aside, I may be nice and sweet to everyone I deal with, I am persistent as hell – all the while with a sweet smile on my face.)

P.S. I know several people from Glendale are waaaatching me……every site I’ve ever had has always had a stat counter. Plus, my site is actually hosted, so I have host stats anyway. So everytime you all hit my site through a search, I see you…..